Sweet Pants

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- Michael Carr -- drums, percussion, vocals (1970)
- Tony Molla -- lead and rhythm guitar, vocals (1970)
- Merk Mozzone -- bass, vocals (1970)
- Mike Mulloney -- keyboards, vocals, guitar (1970)  




- none known




Genre: psych

Rating: ** (2 stars)

Title:  Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants

Company: Barclay

Catalog: LP-1141

Year: 1972

Country/State: Pennsylvania, USA

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: minor warp to bottom left hand side of sleeve

Available: SOLD 

Catalog ID: SOLD 4303

Price: SOLD $200.00


Based on the liner notes accompanying their sole LP, I know the line up consisted of drummer Michael Carr, guitarist Tony Molla, bassist Merk Mozzone and keyboardist Mike Mulloney. Since it was recorded and produced in Pennsylvania, I'm gonna' take a gamble and guess that's where they came from ... Clearly a vanity project (released by the small Barclay Records), it's hard to imagine more than a couple of hundred copies of "Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants" exist.  Recognizing rarity doesn't necessarily equate to quality, as you'd expect from such a project, the sound was exceptionally raw and under-produced; much of it sounding like it was recorded in someone's bathroom.  With all four members contributing material (Mulloney served as the prime writer), tracks such as "Stars & Bars", "Tell Me" and "Poor John" recalled a hybrid of The Dead-meets-Mary Butterworth. Sporting some nice organ and occasionally fuzz guitar ("Mamma Come Get What You Want"), musically they weren't bad, in a low-tech, amateurish way, though the absence of a distinctive singer (most of the performances were rather flat), and Carr's mediocre drumming didn't exactly help the proceedings. Still, you couldn't blame them for trying to stretch out, even if the results frequently found them stumbling past the limits of their talents. Elsewhere, I always thought the "flasher" cover (credited to MCM) was pretty funny, though in this day of political correctness there's no way this one would have ever been released with such a cover.


- 'Stars & Bars' found the band taking a stab at a Dead-styled jam number.  Overlooking the fact one of the vocalists sounded like he'd just stepped on a rusty nail, the song's laidback, low-tech vibe was actually somewhat endearing.   rating: *** stars

- Sporting a nifty garage beat and some nice lead vocals, 'Tell Me' was one of the album's better performances.  If you were going to hum something off this set, this was going to be the song.   rating: *** stars

- To my ears 'Poor John' epitomized the absolute worst aspects of '70s rock.  A plodding and tuneless number with horribly flat and ou0-of-tune vocals and throwaway lyrics that would have made David Crosby blush "the ice pick slipped, you lost your eye ..." , I'm hard pressed to come up with anything nice to say about this one.  Yech.    rating: * star

- As mentioned above, 'Mamma Come Get What You Want' opened up with some nice Molla fuzz guitar and one of the better vocal performances.  It wasn't exactly great, but relatively speaking this performance was probably one of the album highlights.   rating: *** stars

- 'Good To Be Good' opened up with a mildly interesting vocal arrangement, but aimlessly wandered back and forth between good-timey melody and bland blues-rock arrangement.  The entire affair was characterized by aimless stabbing organ, some of the most listless drumming you've ever heard, and the title track being repeated time after time after time after time ..   rating: ** stars  

- Opening with nice fuzz guitar and some suitably acid-tinged vocals, Trilogy' started side two with a surprisingly pretty ballad, but quickly lost its path, degenerating into an out-of-tune jam.  Once, again the performance would have been way better with a halfway decent lead singer.   rating: ** stars

- I wasn't even shown on the back cover track listing, but kicked along by Mulloney's keyboards, 'Isabell' was a plodding, lysergic-tinged  ballad.  Once again Mulloney's fuzz guitar solo provided the highlight ...  talk about irritating vocals.   rating: ** stars

- Another relatively conventional track, 'I'm Clean' had a likeable garage vibe and some funny lyrics.   rating: *** stars 

- Hum, 'Joe' was apparently intended to be a pop number, but never had a chance given the flat lead vocal, out of tune harmony vocals, and hideous drumming.   rating: * star

- 'Enjoy Yourself ' ended the album with a  throwaway jam with a funky edge (at least for these guys).   rating: ** stars


One LP and the band became musical footnotes ...  And speaking oft obscure ... Renown psych collector Hans Pokora included this as a two LP rarity in his book 1001 Record Collector Dreams

"Fat Peter Presents - Sweet Pants" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Stars & Bars   (Mike Mulloney) - 
2.) Tell Me   (Tony Molla - Mike Mulloney) -
3.) Poor John   (Michael Carr - Mike Mulloney) - 
4.) Mamma Come Get What You Want   (Michael Carr - Mike Mulloney) - 
5.) Good To Be Good   (Mike Mulloney) - 

(side 2)

1.) Trilogy   (Michael Carr - Mike Mulloney) - 

2.) Isabell
3.) I'm Clean   (Michael Carr - Mike Mulloney) - 
4.) Joe   (Michael Carr - Mike Mulloney) - 
5.) Enjoy Yourself   (Merk Mozzone - Mike Mulloney) -