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- Preben Devantler -- drums (1967)

- Stig Møller -- guitar, backing vocals (1967)

- Søren Seirup -- bass, harmonica, backing vocals (1967)

- Eik Skaløe (RIP 1968) -- vocals (1967)



- The Beefeaters (Søren Seirup)

- Hey Joe's Ballonrute (Søren Seirup)





Genre: rock

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  Hip

Company: Metronome

Catalog: BO 7701

Year: 1967

Country/State: Denmark

Grade (cover/record): VG/VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4748

Price: $100.00

Cost: $66.00


Boy this album's a trip !!!  The first time I heard it I'd had a couple of beers and it took me awhile to figure out I wasn't listening to a Dylan album that somehow had the vocal track recorded backwards ...  


Danish for Steppenwolf (they were apparently inspired by German author Herman Hesse), the short-lived Steppeulvene only lasted long enough to cut one highly sought after album.  The band's creative mainstay was singer/poet/songwriter Eik Skaløe.   Returning to Denmark in early 1967 after an extended trip to India (the album's cover art aptly reflects the trip's influence), Skaløe decided to form a rock band.  Auditions found the final line up featuring the talents of drummer Preben Devantler, guitarist Stig Møller, and former Beefeaters bassist Søren Seirup.  

Released by the Metronome label, 1967's Olav Bennike produced "Steppeulvene" is simply a great album.  While the fact that the lyrics are all in Danish will limit it's appeal to most American and English collectors (they were one of the first Danish rock bands to sing in their native language), if you can get over that stumbling block you'll be rewarded with a wonderful listening experience. The Dylan comparison is actually quite apt, though we're talking about electric Dylan rather than the earlier folky incarnation.  Entirely penned by Møller and Skaløe, tracks such as 'Dunhammeraften', 'Jensen' and 'O-O-O-' showcase Skaløe's Dylan-wannbe deliveries while sporting some great folk-rock melodies.  The lyrics are probably also pretty interesting, though I don't have a clue what they're about.  Anyone got a translation of the titles?  Geez, had these guys been American or English (or even performed in English), this would've been a sought after classic release !!!


"Hip" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Dunhammeraften    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 5:23

2.) Itsi-Bitsi    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 4:50

3.) Til Nashet    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 5:21

4.) Jensen    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 6:41


(side 2)
1.) O-O-O-    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 4:58

2.) Lykkens Pamfil    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 5:41

3.) Kvinde Kim Ud    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 3:57

4.) Kun for Forrkyte    (Stig Møller - Eik Skaløe) - 5:22


Shortly after the album was released Skaløe returned to India where he subsequently vanished while touring the city of Ferozepore.  He was only 25 when he disappeared.


I've never seen or heard it, but there's also a live CD "Live 2002" that captures a post Skaløe reunion.  It includes both sides of a rare non-LP 1967 single '' b/w ''.


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