Sugar Cube Blues Band

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- Budley Bays = guitar

- Bill Crowder = vocals, harmonica

- Danny Lancaster = bass

- Deve Lancaster = drums

- Tony Portera = keyboards




- The Sundowners




Genre: psych

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  Sugar Cube Blues Band

Company: Rockadelic

Catalog: RRLP-21

Year: 1996

Country/State: Grenada, Mississippi

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4259

Price: $40.00

Cost: $20.00


Ah, another Rich Haupt/Rockadelic reclamation project !  And a good one at that.  Here's the little but of history we've found on the group.  


Led by singer/writer Bill Crowder and guitarist Budley Bays, the band hailed from Grenada, Mississippi (in case you care, it's in the northwest corner of the state).  They managed to release one instantly obscure 1967 single on the small Black Crow label ('My Last Impression' b/w 'Corinna Corinna / A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall' Black Crow catalog number 100), before heading to Memphis in search of the big time.  The band eventually managed to record an album at Memphis' Ardent Studios with Jim Dickinson engineering, but the project was subsequently shelved until 1996.


So what's this puppy sound like?  In spite of the band's name, "Sugar Cube Blues Band", other than the harmonica solo on the ballad "I Need You" you won't find much of a blues influence here.  Musically the set is kind of schizophrenic.  About half of the set features stark acoustic numbers, while the rest of the set features a full band (credited as Bays, Crowder, bassist Danny Lancaster, Deve Lancaster and keyboardist Tony Portera).  Musically the album showcases an endearing mix of rather commercial pop/rock ('Shades of Life') and more psych oriented tracks ('Run, Run, Run').  Crowder was quite an accomplished writer and though his clipped voice won't appeal to everyone, he's quite impressive to our ears.  Highlights include the earlier single 'My Last Impression', the aural meltdown 'In this Way' and a pair of slightly off key acoustic ballads - 'You Can't Be Free' and 'There Is A Time For Everyone'.  (Unlike many reclamation projects, this one sports great sound !!!)  

"Sugar Cube Blues Band" track listing:

(side 1)

1.) Shades of Life   (Bill Crowder) - 

2.) Run, Run, Run   (Bill Crowder) - 

3.) Never Think About Today   (Bill Crowder) - 

4.) You Can't Be Free   (Bill Crowder) - 

5.) Summer Sunset/Winter Sky   (Bill Crowder) - 

6.) There Is A Time For Everyone   (Bill Crowder) - 


(side 2)

1.) My Last Impression   (Bill Crowder) - 

2.) Step Into Your Life   (Bill Crowder) - 

3.) In this Way   (Bill Crowder) - 

4.) Learn To Be Yourself   (Bill Crowder) - 

5.) I Need You   (Bill Crowder) - 

6.) We've Got To Get Away    (Bill Crowder) - 




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