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- Floyd Ashton -- vocals (1960-65)

- Albert Cottle (replaced Floyd Ashton) -- vocals (1965-73)

- Joseph Jones -- vocals (1973-)

- Horace Key -- vocals (1965-)

- John Marshall -- vocals (1967-)

- Joseph Pope (RIP 1996) -- lead vocals (1960-)

- Charles Pope -- vocals (1960-)

- Robert Lee Smith -- vocals (1960-)



- The Four Dots





Genre: soul

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Time for the Tams

Company: ABC

Catalog: ABC-S 596

Year: 1967

Country/State: Atlanta, Georgia

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring wear; light surface scratches which don't impact sound

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5012

Price: $9.00



In spite of an extensive recording catalog and occasional brushes with popular success, The Tams don't seem to get a great deal of recognition from either soul or pop fans.  This is pure speculation on my part, but I'd argue part of the reason may have something to do with the fact they were too pop for soul audiences and too soul for most white fans ...  What a shame since these guys were great.


Produced by Joe South (he also wrote four of the 11 songs), 1967's "Time for the Tams" offered up a mix of earlier singles (the hit 'Untie Me') and new studio material.  It also served as a perfect example of the group's balancing act.  As lead singer Joseph Pope had a rough and raw voice that was quite attractive and married up well with the group's rawer soul influenced material.  South seemed to recognize that, providing the group with a series of songs that played up to those strengths ('It's Better To Have Loved A Little' and 'Breaking Up').  At the end of the spectrum material written by long time collaborator Ray Whitley spotlighted a more pop-oriented sound.  While certainly commercial, tracks like ''How 'Bout It and 'Laugh Clown Laugh' simply didn't suit Pope's vocal strengths nearly as well.   Elsewhere ABC tapped the album for a pair of singles: 


- 'Get Away' b/w 'Shelter' (ABC catalog number 10885)

- 'Breaking Up' b/w 'How 'Bout It' (ABC catalog number 10929)


"Time for the Tams" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Ram Shackle Shack (Sparkling Brown Eyes)   (B. Cox - C. Hobbs) - 3:15

2.) It's Better To Have Loved A Little   (Joe South) - 2:37

3.) Fall Down, Go Boom   (Mac Davis) - 2:14

4.) Untie Me   (Joe South) - 2:12

5.) Get Away   (F. Waller - Mac Davis) - 2:18

(side 2)
I've Been Hurt  (Ray Whitley) - 1:55

2.) How 'Bout It   (Ray Whitley) - 2:35

3.) Have Pity On Me   (Tommy Roe) - 2:28

4.) Breaking Up   (Joe South) -2:28

5.) Laugh Clown Laugh   (Ray Whitley) - 2:13

6.) Shelter   (Joe South) -2:14





"Bach Music from The Tams" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) There Ain't Nothing Like Shaggin'   (Archie Jordan) - 2:44

2.) Thank You John   (Wilson Turbinton) - 2:56

3.) Making True Love   (Wayland Holyfield) - 3:14


(side 2)
1.) Showtime   (Archie Jordan) - 2:26

2.) Get a Job   (Earl Beal - Raymond Edwards - William Horton - Richard Lewis) - 2:53

3.) My Baby Sure Can Sing   (Archie Jordan) - 2:46


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