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Genre: soul

Rating: 4 stars ****

Title:  I Had To Fall In Love

Company: A&M

Catalog: SP 4676

Year: 1978

Country/State: Belzoni, Mississippi

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: original inner lyric sleeve

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5004

Price: $20.00



Yes, I'll readily admit to having a thang for Jean Terrell ... In addition to having a killer voice (I'd rather hear her than the shrill Diana Ross any day), the woman simply exudes a sense of class and dignity.


Given her talent, its simply unfortunate that Terrell's best known as Diana Ross' late-1960s replacement in The Supremes.  (Her other notoriety stemmed from the fact heavyweight boxer Ernie Terrell was her brother - she even recorded a couple of mid-1960s 45s with him.)  


Released five years after she quit The Supremes, 1978's "I Had To Fall In Love" found Terrell signed to A&M Records. Produced by the Philadelphia-based Bobby Martin and backed by an all star cast of studio pros, the album's simply a lost soul classic.  Showcasing Terrell's crisp and versatile soprano the set was far more versatile than one would have expected for an ex-Supreme solo effort (certainly when compared to Ross' solo catalog).  Tracks like 'Don't Stop Reaching for the Top' and 'Rising Cost of Love' kicked the album off on a surprisingly funky note, while 'No One Like My Baby' and the pretty ballad 'Change Up' were wonderful radio-friendly pop. Even better was the should've-been-a-massive hit 'You've Been So Good To Me'.  In fact the only real disappointment was the lightweight Gallagher and Lyle penned title track (which sounded like a Carly Simon outtake).  Elsewhere A&M tapped the set for two instantly obscure singles:


- 'Don't Stop Reaching for the Top' b/w 'No Limit' (A&M catalog number AM-2039).  

- 'I Had To Fall In Love' b/w 'Rising Cost of Love' (A&M catalog number AM-2064)


Sadly, driven in part by her religious convictions (Terrell was a devout Jehovah's Witness), her relationship with A&M quickly fell apart.  She didn't record again until the mid-1980s.  


"I Had To Fall In Love" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Don't Stop Reaching for the Top   (James Davis - Jeffrey Osborne) - 4:13

2.) No One Like My Baby   (Fred Bliffert) - 3:45

3.) Rising Cost of Love   (Bobby Martin - en Ron Hawks - Zane Grey) - 3:24

4.) Change Up   (Len Ron Hawks - Zane Grey) - 5:00


(side 2)
1.) How Can You (Live without Love)   (Len Ron Hawks - Zane Grey) - 3:21

2.) I Had To Fall In Love   (Benny Gallagher - Graham Lyle) - 4:16

3.) That's the Way Love Grows   (Frank McDonald - Chris Rae - Gerry Shury) - 3:30

4.) You've Been So Good To Me   (Len Ron Hawks - Zane Grey) - 4:23   

5.) No Limit   (Len Ron Hawks - Zane Grey) - 3:19





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