These Trails

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- Davy Choy -- recorder

- Patrick Cockett -- vocals, guitar, tabla

- Eric Kingsbury -- guitar

- Margaret Morgan -- vocals, guitar, dulcimer

- Carlos Pardeiro -- vocals, guitar, sitar

- Ron Rosha -- ipu




- none known





Genre: psych

Rating: 3 stars ***

Tiitle:  These Trails

Company: Sinergia

Catalog: SR4059

Year: 1973

Country/State: Hawaii

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4950

Price: $200.00



I'll readily admit being disappointed by much of the Hawaiian 'psych' I've heard over the years.  Mind you, material by the likes of Aina and Mu isn't bad, but compared to all the hype surrounding these albums, I just don''t get what all the excitement's about.  Against that backdrop, given the numerous rave reviews I'd seen for this mid-1970s obscurity, I wasn't expecting all that much from it.  


The good news is that 1973's Peter Coraggio produced "These Trails" is a pretty cool album.  Based in Hawaii (the album was recorded in Honolulu), the line up consisted of Davy Choy (recorder) and singer/guitarists Patrick Cockett and Margaret Morgan.  Judging by the limited liner notes, Morgan was apparently the front woman.  In addition to handling most of the vocals she seems to have written most of the material.  Musically tracks like the title track, 'Our House In Hanalei' and 'Sowed The Seed' are probably best described as 'acid folk' (yeah, that term sends shudders down my spine), but in this case it's true.  Songs like 'Rusty’s House & Lost In Space' and 'Garden Botanum' are simultaneously surprisingly commercial, yet atmospheric ... that leaves me wracking my brains trying to come up with a well known comparison for this set.  About the closest I can come is having you picture Kate Bush relocating to the islands ...  Like Bush, Morgan had a high pitched, but crystalline voice.  As exemplified by material such as 'Psyche I & Share Your Water' and 'Of Broken Links' she also shared a clear affection for offbeat melodies and song structures.  It probably sounds quite strange and certainly isn't for everyone, but those folks who are willing to take a change on something slightly unique and out of the mainstream will be rewarded for your daring.


"These Trails" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) These Trails

2.) Our House In Hanalei

3.) Of Broken Links

4.) El Rey Pescador

5.) Psyche I & Share Your Water

6.) Hello Lou

(side 2)
1.) Rusty’s House & Lost In Space

2.) Psyche II (instrumental)

3.) Sowed The Seed,

4.) Rapt Attention

5.) Waipoo

6.) Garden Botanum




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