Thornton, Fradkin & Unger and the Big Band

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- Leslie Fradkin -- vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, bass, 

  drums (1974)

- Paul Thonrton -- vocals, guitar (1974)

- Paul Unger -- bass (1974)




- Fearless Fradkin 

- Leslie Fradkin (solo efforts)

- The Godz

- Maddog (Leslie Fradkin)

- Paul Thornton (solo efforts)

- The Yummies (Leslie Fradkin)





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Pass On This Side

Company: ESP Disk

Catalog: ESP-63019

Year: 1974

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: was sealed; opened to listen to; still in shrink wrap; small bb hole top right corner

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4947

Price: $150.00



Essentially a side project by The Godz singer/multi-instrumentalist Leslie Fradkin and drummer Paul Thornton, 1974's "Pass On the Side" will come as a major shock for anyone who's heard one of The Godz LPs.  Produced by Fradkin, acoustic folk-rock and pop oriented tracks like 'God Bless California', 'M'Lady' and 'Christopher's Sorrow' were about as far removed from The Godz' patented atonal musical spasms as you could get.  Who would've ever imagined these guys could craft a song with a true melody, let alone something with commercial potential?  Well check out the sterling 'God Bless California'.  Not only that, but they somehow convinced Paul and Linda McCartney (and then-Wings drummer Denny Siewell) to provide backing on the song.  A Godz single?  Never!  But there's a Thornton, Fradkin & Unger 45 - 'Goodbye California' b/w 'Sometimes' (ESP catalog number 45-63019). Other highlights included the late David Peel's performance on 'To Err Is Human' (easy to see why most DJs aren't musicians themselves) and the band's subtle Jimi Hendrix tribute 'Jimi' (lucky they didn't get sued for copping most of 'Hey Joe' for the song.  Elsewhere 'Walkin' Guitar Blues' originally appeared on the earlier "The Third Testament" Godz LP.  Released in a generic black sleeve, with a page of stickers, the buyer was apparently expected to apply the red and green inner labels to the album itself.  


"Pass On the Side" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) God Bless California   (Leslie Fradkin) - 3:26

2.) M'Lady   (Paul Thornton) - 3:17

3.) Jimi   (Paul Thornton) - 3:31

4.) Christopher's Sorrow    (Leslie Fradkin)- 4:03

(side 2)
1.) Walkin' Guitar Blues   (Paul Thornton) - 4:38

2.) Oh Woman   (Leslie Fradkin) - 

3.) To Err Is Human   (David Peel) - 4:47

4.) Sometimes   (Paul Thornton) - 2:51


In a strange marketing move, ESP subsequently elected to rreissue the LP as a Godz album with new packaging and a new title ("The Godz Bless California").  


Fradkin is still and active musician and has a brief but interesting website located at:





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