T.S. Truck

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- Curt Garver -- bass, backing vocals

- Ken Hoedebecke -- lead guitar, backing vocals

- Mark Hoedebecke -- drums, percussion

- Tom Merideth -- vocals, percussion

- Curtis Powell -- vocals, keyboards

- Bill Stilwell -- guitar



- none known





Genre: rock

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Title:  T.S. Truck

Company: Smokey Soul

Catalog: SS062973

Year: 1972

Country/State: Illinois, US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: minor ring and edge wear; top right corner show some wear

Available: SOLD

Catalog ID: SOLD 4917

Price: SOLD $150.00



I actually picked this one up for the cool cover art (courtesy of Ken and Mark Hoedebecke) and was pleasantly surprised by the album itself.  That said, I haven't been able to uncover anything about the band other than information found on the album itself.  


Apparently from Illinois (the album was recorded at Smoke Signal Sound Studio in Carbondale), the line up consisted of  bassist Curt Garver, brothers Ken (lead guitar) and Mark (drums) Hoedebecke, singer Tom Merideth, keyboardist Curtis Powell and guitarist Bill Stilwell.  They were managed by Bob Dunkirk (who also had an Illinois address).  


Produced by James Merideth (who also wrote one of the songs) and the band, 1972's "T.S. Truck" offered up a mix of conventional rock, pop and light progressive touches.  At least a couple of tracks like 'Chance To Prance' and 'Doc LaVay' melded all of those genres into one song.  Merideth had a nice voice and the rest of the band displayed musical dexterity far beyond what you'd find in your typical bar band.  Additionally several of the songs (which are probably all originals - no credits on the album), benefited from Hoedebecke and Stilwell's distinctive Allman Brothers twin lead guitar attack.  Check out 'Let the Gunslinger Win' for a nice example of their twin lead interface work - very Allman-ish feel throughout.  Highlights include the nifty leadoff track 'Khengis Gange' (the lyric was sung as 'ganja people'), as previously mentioned the Allman Brothers-styled 'Let the Gunslinger Win' and the pretty ballad 'Country Lady'. To be honest, while none of the eight songs were particularly original they all benefited from enthusiastic performances and some surprisingly good production work (for a small studio).  A pleasant discovery with more than its share of winners.


"T.S. Truck" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Khengis Gange

2.) Chance To Prance

3.) Let the Gunslinger Win

4.) Just Another Piece


(side 2)
1.) Doc LaVay

2.) Country Lady

3.) Nothing of the Kind

4.) Raise Your Eyes To Glory

Today Stilwell appears to own an Illinois car dealership, while Mark Hoedebecke runs a design company (also in Illinois).



The internet continues to amaze me ...


I was amazed and flatter to see your listing for the TS Truck LP.  I produced 
the album, wrote one song, and my brother Tom was the singer.  Thank God I 
hung on to a copy and still have the test pressing.
James Merideth
January 2009