Wailers, The

Band members               Related acts

- Neil Anderson -- lead guitar, backing vocals 

  (replaced Richard Dagnel) (1964-69)
- Mike Burk -- drums (1958-60)
- Richard Dagnel -- lead guitar (1958-60)
- Ron Gardner (RIP 1992) -- vocals, keyboards, sax

  (replaced Mark Marush) (1962-69)
- John Greek -- guitar (1958-60)
- Mark Marush -- sax (1958-60)
- Kent Morrill -- vocals, keyboards (1958-69)
- John Buck Ormsby -- bass, backing vocals (1958-60,

- Dave Roland -- vocals, drums (replaced Mike Burk)

- Denny Weaver -- lead guitar (1967-69) 



- The Bootmen (Ron Gardner)

- The Breakers (Ron Gardner)
- Floating Bridge (Richard Dagnel)
- Rockin' Robin Roberts
- Kent Morrill (solo efforts)
- Ron Gardner Group (Ron Gardner and Denny Weaver)
- Sweet Rolle (Ron Gardner, Don Roland and 

  Denny Weaver)






Genre: garage

Rating: 4 stars ****

Tiitle:  Outburst

Company: United Artists

Catalog:  UAS 6557

Year: 1966

Country/State: Seattle, Washington

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: SOLD

GEMM catalog ID: SOLD

Price: SOLD

Given the number of talents early-'60s garage outfits that came out of the Northwest, it's surprising that Tacoma's The Wailers are often forgotten. One of the regions most talented and versatile bands, 

Drummer Mike Burk, lead guitarist Rick Dangel, guitarist John Greek, sax player Mark Marush, singer/keyboardist Kent Morrill and bassist Mark Ormsby first crossed paths in 1958. The story is that they met at the Fort Lewis Officers Club (Dangles' father was an army officer). Discovering a mutual love of rock and roll, the quintet decided to form a band. Within a matter of months they were playing high school dances and local talent shows. Essentially an instrumental cover band, within a year they'd begun to attract attention from the local media. Their initial break came when musician Art Mineo (actor Sal Mineo's uncle) brought them to the attention of the New York-based Golden Crest Records. 

The band's 1959 debut "Tall Cool One" b/w "Road Runner" (Golden Crest catalog number 518), provided them with an unexpected top-40 hit. The single led to a national tour and mass exposure including appearences on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and the Allen Freed Show. A stream of follow-on singles did well regionally, but the band's young age - most of them were still in high school, placed severe limits on their ability to tour outside of the Northwest, let alone legally play clubs.

In the wake of another set of personnel changes which saw the addition of guitarist Neil Anderson, vocalist/sax player Ron Gardner and drummer Dave Roland to the line up, the band signed a distribution deal with United Artists. Unexpectedly 1966's self-produced "Outburst!" may have been their finest hour. Anyone expecting to hear another set of throwaway instrumental hit covers was in for a major shock. Largely penned by R. Wayne Davies (not sure if there was any relationship to The Kinks Ray Davies), material such as 'If You Won't Lead Me', 'I Want To Walk with You' and 'Sit In My Room' found the band turning in a wonderful set of garage rockers. Taunt, yet melodic, there simply wasn't a bad song on the LP.  Highlights included the fuzz guitar propelled raver 'Out of Our Tree' and the mildly-psych sounding 'Bad Trip'. Elsewhere, released as a single 'It's You Alone' b/w 'Tears' (United Artists catalog number UA 50,026) provided the band with a massive west coast hit - the single actually managed to hit # 118 on the national charts, though the parent album failed to chart. Simply one of the best and most consistently overlooked garage LPs I've ever heard. 

With their careers suddenly revitalized, the band hit the concert circuit, opening for a string of acts ranging from The Animals to James Brown.  Their late inning success proved fleeting with a pair of follow-on singles bombing:


- 1966's 'Think Kindly Baby' b/w 'End of the Summer' (United Artists catalog number UA 50065)

- 1966's 'You Won't Lead Me' b/w ;Tears' (United Artists catalog number UA 50110)

"Outburst" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) If You Won't Lead Me   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:23
2.) I Want To Walk with You   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:35
3.) Think Kindly Baby   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:55
4.) Out of Our Tree   (Kent Morrill - Ron Gardner - John Ormsby) - 3:30
5.) It's You Alone   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:41
6.) Bad Trip   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:26

(side 2)

1.) Hold   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:30
2.) My Girl   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:36
3.) Turn and Run   (Kent Morrill - Ron Gardner) - 2:13
4.) Sit In My Room   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:32
5.) Tears Don't Have To Fall   (Ray Wayne Davies) - 2:50
6.) I'm Looking Down At You  (Ray Wayne Davies) - 1:55



Genre: psych

Rating: 4 stars ****

Tiitle:  Walk Thru the People

Company: Bell

Catalog:  6016

Year: 1968

Country/State: Seattle, Washington

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: promo copy stamp on back panel

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5164

Price: $80.00


By the late 1960s virtually every band in existence seemed duty sworn to recorded a psychedelic album.  With a line up consisting of keyboardists Ron Gardner and Kent Morrill, bassist Buck Ormsby, drummer Dave Roland, and lead guitarist Denny Weaver, the late era Wailers were no exception; their contribution to the idiom taking the form of 1968's Al DeMartino produced "Walk Thru the People".  Unlike 1966's "Outburst", this time around most of the ten tracks were band originals - Gardner and Morrill credited with the majority of songs. The interesting thing was that viewed as a marketing move (complete with rear panel Buddha quote), rather than a true artistic statement the results were surprisingly impressive.  While nothing here was what you'd consider to be artistically groundbreaking, all ten tracks offered up an enjoyable mix of psych and commercial touches.  Highlights included 'Busy Man', a blazing cover of the classic 'Smokestack Lightning and the fuzz propelled 'You Can Fly'. Bell tapped the latter for a single 'You Can Fly' b/w 'Thinking Out Loud' (Bell catalog number 694).


"Walk Thru the People" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Walk Thru The People   (Ron Gardner) - 0:52

2.) Busy Man   (Kent Morrill) - 2:51

3.) Thinkin' Out Loud  (Ron Gardner - Kent Morrill) - 3:25

4.) Suddenly  (Ron Gardner - Kent Morrill) - 4:32

5.) You Can Fly  (Ron Gardner - Kent Morrill) - 3:10


(side 2)

1.) Early Mornin' Hour   (Kent Morrell - Denny Weaver) - 3:05

2.) Just Friends   (Joseph Lee Woods) - 3:29

3.) Smokestack Lightning   (Chester Burnett) - 5:50

4.) Can't Tell You   (Denny Weaver - John Buck Ormsby - Andy DiMartino) - 2:24

5.) Walk Thru The People  (Ron Gardner) - 2:42


By 1969 the group called it quits with Gardner, Roland and Weaver forming the short-lived Sweet Rolle.  Gardner then embarked on a brief solo career.