Wetton Manzanera

Band members               Related acts

- Vic Emerson -- keyboards (1986)

- Phil Manzanera -- lead guitar, keyboards (1986)

- John Wetton -- vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards (1986)

- Alan White -- drums, percussion (1986)




- Asia (John Wetton)

- Edwards Hand (John Wetton)

- Family (John Wetton)

- King Crimson (John Wetton)

Phil Mazanera (solo efforts)

- Mogul Thrash (John Wetton)

- Roxy Music (Phil Manzanera and John Wetton)

- UK (John Wetton)

- Uriah Heep (John Wetton)

- John Wetton (solo efforts)





Genre: rock

Rating: 2 stars **

Title:  Wetton Manzanera

Company: Geffen

Catalog: 24147-1

Year: 1987

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+ / VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4973

Price: $10.00



Curiously, while I own quite a bit of Phil Manzanera's solo catalog, I wasn't even aware of this mid-1980s collaboration with former Asia/UK frontman John Wetton.  Not being a big Asia fan, I was a little reluctant to take the plunge when I found a copy at a yard sale, but for a buck I figured it was worth taking a chance.


A quick word of warning ... anyone hoping to have stumbled on an album full of progressive/experimental moves better leave now.  Co-produced by the pair with help from Keith Bessey, 1986's "Wetton Manzanera" apparently didn't find much of an audience upon it's release.  In fact in 1997 the album was re-released with a new title "One World".  Had it succeeded the collection probably would have appealed to Wetton's camp, while horrifying Manzanera fans.  Aside from an occasional atmospheric move like the quirky title track, the opening of 'You Don't Have to Leave My Life', or the heavily phased guitar solo on 'Round In Circles', these ten Wetton-Manzanera compositions were out-and-out AOR.  As such they shared more in common with Asia, or UK than anything Manzanera's had done.  Wetton's instantly recognizable voice only served to underscore those comparison with tracks like 'Suzanne', 'Do It Again' and 'Every Trick In the Book' constantly harkening back to 1980s radio staples like 'Heat of the Moment'.  Mind you, the album wasn't without some merit.  Tracks like ''Round In Circles' and 'Have You Seen Her Tonight' may have been commercial AOR, but they were quality AOR. 


"Wetton Manzanera" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) It's Just Love   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) - 3:38 

2.) Keep on Loving Myself   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  5:12 

3.) You Don't Have to Leave My Life   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  4:24 

4.) Suzanne   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  3:24 

5.) Round in Circles   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) 4:32 

(side 2)
Do It Again   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  4:49 

2.) Every Trick in the Book   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  4:05 

3.) One World   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  3:54 

4.) I Can't Let You Go   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  3:22 

5.) Have You Seen Her Tonight   (John Wetton - Phil Manzanera) -  4:47