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Genre: country

Rating: 1 star *

Title:  Good Woman Blues

Company: Fairlane

Catalog: AW 11009

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 1300

Price: $15.00


The only reason this one got reviewed was the fact it was released on the Album World family of tax scam releases.  In spite of the title, when I bought "Good Woman Blues" I sort of suspected it was going to be a country album, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this bad - the kind of country that country fans will find repulsive.  Of the ten songs, the only one worth any attention was 'You Raunchy Old Devil '.  In fact the only nice thing to say about the collection was that it made for a quick listening experience and I almost guarantee you'll never want to play it a second time.


I'm guessing there was a Tim Winters, but who knows since the album sounds like there were at least a couple of singers.  Add to that, given how miserable the collection was, it would have taken some real courage for a singer to put their true name on the credits.   Anyhow, here are what the liner notes had to say about this one:  "Tim Winters get down to the basic truths about life ...  the ragged clothes and the dusty highways of the wander ...the neglected, rejected man facing another day ... and the lover bursting with love.  We in America sometimes don't like to ear the truth.  Tim Winters sings about the truth ...  the reason ... and the way of life that so many of us want to live and live now.   Deepness, sincerity. rich, or poor, he gets the message about life into your soul.  Listen to this man sing a song ...he's hot himself all together. "    I also found this comment about the album from photographer Eric Wrobbel:  "As with a couple of other “blank check” projects shown in these pages, the client neither knew nor cared what I did on this album cover. And there was no Tim Winters, real or imagined, to be photographed. So I gathered up a friend (who some of you might recognize) and headed over to “The Gold Rush” on Elliston Place (Nashville) at closing time to get this shot just as the lights came up."


"Good Woman Blues" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Hallelujah   (Ray Willis)- 2:40

Country-gospel with the kind of lyrics that were liable to drive most rock fans crazy with frustration, or push them to attend a Satanic mass.  Seriously this was the kind of album that would clear out a party in a couple of seconds.   rating: * star

2.) All That's Good In Life   (Bobby Borcher) - 2:30

Simply naseating slice of up-lifting Christian pop.   Not all Christian pop is bad, but this one was horrible.     rating: * star

3.) Pumpkin Head   (Don Campbell) - 2:40

Seriously, who sings a song with a title like this ?   All you can do is sympathize with the kid it was written for.   He probably became a serial killer, or an IRS manager.   rating: * star

4.) While I Play the Fiddle   (Ray Willis - Ronnie Session) - 2:20

Not worth my effort to describe how bad this one was.  rating: no stars

5.) Silly Me   (Don Campbell) - 2:24

Gawd, please make it end ...  for goodness sakes the man was actually  trying to yodel.   rating: * star


(side 2)
1.) Peanuts and Ponytails  (Don Campbell) - 2:11

There's a whole country subgenre dedicated to songs about little girls.  Personally I've always found songs like this to be disconcerting.   rating: * star

2.) Jerry Lee You Told On Me   D. Schafer) - 2:48

Hysterically bad story song, though it was the only track that even came close to a rock feel (briefly).   rating: ** stars

3.) You Raunchy Old Devil    Darrell Statler) - 2:45

The vocal on this one didn't sound anything like the rest of the album and though it was a country tune, backed by some nice guitar work this was actually the album's lone highlight.  rating: *** stars

4.) Come On Home   (Ray Willis) - 2:34

Plodding ballad with some phoned-in vocals.   rating: * star

5.) I'm Here To Drink It All   (Ray Willis)- 2:44

Geez, if you had to listen to this you'd be drinking heavily too.   rating: * star



Some albums are so bad they're actually fun.  This one is so bad that it's just bad.