Yost, Dennis

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- Dennis Yost (RIP 2008) -- vocals


  supporting musicians:

- Tommy Cogbill -- bass

- Bruce Dees - guitar

- Ray Edenton Jr. -- guitar

- Gunnar Gelottte - drums

- Jon Goin -- guitar

- Walker Iglehart -- keyboards

- Shane Keister -- keyboards

- Richard Law -- backing vocals

- Mike Leech -- bass

- Mark Morris -- drums

- Bobby Ogdin -- keyboards

- Jay Patton -- horns

- Barbara South -- backing vocals

- Jack Williams -- bass

- Bobby Woods - keyboards

- Paul Worley -- guitar




- The Classics

- The Classics IV





Genre: pop

Rating: 1 stars *

Title:  Going Through the Motions

Company: Robox

Catalog: EQAD 7945

Year: 1981

Country/State: Jacksonville, Florida

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments:  small cut out notch along top edge

Available: 2

GEMM catalog ID: 5170

Price: $15.00


After the 1973 collapse of Dennis Yost and the Classics IV, namesake Yost disappeared from the music scene for a couple of years.  His comeback came with 1981's aptly-titled "Going Through the Motions".  Released by the small Atlanta-based Robot label, the album teamed Yost with producers Steve Clark and Bud Reneau.  Unfortunately, anyone expecting to hear a collection of Classics IV styled pop was probably disappointed by this maudlin set of country-tinged pop.  As on the final Classics IV releases, Yost's voice had deepened, in the process losing some of it's original appeal.  He was still a decent singer, but saddled with bland tracks like 'Something I Forgot To Do', 'Raggedy Ann' and 'The Days of Sand and Shovels' this was essentially a waste of vinyl. Slapping one of the year's uglier covers on the album certainly didn't help sales, nor did Yost's decision to get a perm (check the back cover photo).  Was there anything positive to be said for this one?  Well as much as I wish I could say something nice, about the only thing I can come up with  was that the album was relatively short ...   Perhaps understandable given the caliber of the songs, the album didn't include any writing credits. 


"Going Through the Motions" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Something I Forgot To Do - 3:40

2.) The Staying Side of Goodbye - 3:02

3.) It All Depends On You - 2:35

4.) Raggedy Ann - 3:17

5.) The Days of Sand and Shovels - 4:24


(side 2)
1.) Lover In My Mind - 2:48

2.) One More Last Chance - 3:32

3.) Flowers for the Lady - 3:18

4.) Going Through the Motions - 3:25

5.) Wonder Woman - 2:28


Over the next two and a half decades Yost remained active in music.  Unfortunate he suffered traumatic brain injuries after a 2005 fall.  He never recovered from those injuries and died in December 2008.  He was only 65 years old.



I looked around the web for some sort of solo material, but the closest I could come was this 2003 performance of one of the classic Classic IV songs.  Time moves on.







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