Joel Dayde

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  line up 1 (1971)  

- Joel Dayde -- vocals, guitar


  supporting musicians:

- Dudu --

- Claude Engel -- lead guitar

- Paco Charler -- percussion






- La Question (Joel Dayde)

- Magma (Claude Engel and Paco Charlery)

- Omega Plus (Claude Engel)

- Les Tombes (Joel Dayde)

- Zoo (Joel Dayde)



Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  J'aime

Company: Riviera

Catalog:  95009

Year: 1970

Country/State: Paris, France

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: --

Price: $75.00

I'm guessing only a handful of Americans have ever heard of French singer/guitarist Joel Dayde.  Among that small group, most probably know him as the lead singer for the short-lived jazz-rock band Zoo.


Having left Zoo in 1969 for a solo career, Dayde made his debut with 1970's 'J'aime".  Produced by Clause Achalle, I bought the album after hearing the impressive Hendrix-styled fuzz rocker 'Can I Live My Life.'  As it turned out, the song was atypical of Dayde's recording repertoire.  Yeah, 'You Got Freedom' was almost as hard rocking and the extended 'Cocaine' reflected some psych influences. Still, those were all exceptions to the general sound.  Exemplified by 'Mine Line', 'Confusion' and a cover of Rory Gallagher's 'See Here', Dayde's main interest seemed to be establishing his credentials as a blues man.  Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact didn't play to his real strengths. His heavily accented vocals weren't bad - occasionally recalling a French version of Joe Cocker.  The same comments were  true for Gallic "love man" ballads such as 'I'm Very Well' and 'The Great Love.'  Those performances were radio friendly, but fairly bland and pedestrian.


"J'aime" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) I'm Very Well (Part One)  (Joel Dayde) - 2:15   rating: *** stars

Coming off as an in-studio demo, 'I'm Very Well' opened the album with a pretty acoustic ballad. Basically Dayde accompanied by acoustic guitar. the result was almost pastoral, showcasing Dayde's pleasant, if heavily accented voice.

2.) Can I Live My Life   (Joel Dayde) - 2:52   rating: **** stars

Geez - having settled in for an album of Gallic acoustic love songs, 'Can I Live My Life' almost knocked me out of my chair.  With backing from Omega Plus member Claude Engel on lead guitar,  this was a slice of sterling Hendrix-styled hard rock.  The only thing wrong with the song was that is was too short.  Somewhat atypical for Dayde's sound, the song was tapped as a single:




- 1970's 'Can I Live My Life' b/w 'You Got Freedom' (Riviera catalog number 121.348L)







3.) Confusion   (Joel Dayde) - 3:10   rating: *** stars

'Confusion' offered up a professional, if unexceptional slice of blues-rock.  The acoustic slide guitar moves provided  the song highlights. 

4.) See Here   (Rory Gallagher) - 3:30   rating: *** stars

The decision to include a Rory Gallagher and Taste cover demonstrated Dayde had good taste (LOL) in material.  On the other hand, you had to wonder why he bothered since there was no way to compete against the Gallagher original.

5.) Cocaine   (Joel Dayde) - 8:30   rating: *** stars

The album's most psychedelic performance, someday I'll have to count the number of times Dayde sings the the title ...  The tune would have been far better with a bit of editing and without the seemingly random flute work.


(side 2)

1.) Mine Line   (Joel Dayde) - 3:22  rating: ** stars

Bland, plodding blues-rock number ...

2.) The Great Love   (Joel Dayde) - 3:51   rating: *** stars

In case you couldn't guess from the song title, 'The Great Love' found Dayde moving back to Gallic "love man" territory.  The ballad was pretty enough, if the delivery was over-dramatic.  The highlight actually came in the middle section of the tune where the tempo picked up and Dayde trotted out his best Joe Cocker impersonation.

3.) You Got Freedom   (Joel Dayde) - 4:25   rating: **** stars

Thankfully the rocker 'You Got Freedom' found Dayde pulling out his Hendrix fixations again.  Interestingly, when he toughed up his vocal delivery Dayde's French accent became much less noticeable.  It should have been released as a 45.  Recorded at during a 1971 performance for the French television program Pop2, YouTube has a live performance of the tune:   Do I detect a bit of Joe Cocker in the stage presence?

4.) You Honey   (Joel Dayde) - 6:28

5.) I'm Very Well (Part Two)  (Joel Dayde) - 1:47   rating: *** star

The album closed out with a short reprise of the opening song ...