Ducks Deluxe

Band members               Related acts

- Martin Belmont -- lead guitar (1972-75)

- Nick Garvey -- vocals, bass (replaced Ken Whaley) 


- Mick Groome -- bass (replaced Nick Garvey) (1974-75)

- Andy McMasters -- keyboards (1973-74)

- Billy Rankin -- drums (replaced Tim Roper) (1975)

- Tim Roper (RIP 2003) -- drums, percussion (1972-75)

- Brinsley Schwarz -- lead guitar (replaced Martin Belmont)


- Sean Tyla -- rhythm guitar, keyboards (1972-75)




- Martin Belmont (solo efforts)

- Help Yourself (Ken Whaley)

- The Motors (Andy McMasters and Nick Garvey)

- Graham Parker and the Rumour (Martin Belmont)

- The Rumour (Martin Belmont)

- The Sean Tyla Group (Sean Tyla and Ken Whaley)





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Ducks Deluxe

Company: RCA Victor

Catalog: LPL1-5008
Year: 1974

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: --

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5492

Price: $25.00


Here's a group that should have enjoyed far more commercial success than they did - which in the States meant they were complete unknowns.  


One of the earliest and best of the mid-1970s pub rockers, Ducks Deluxe came together in 1972.  The original line up consisted of ex-Brinsley Schwarz roadie/lead guitarist Martin Belmont, drummer Tim Roper, multi-instrumentalist Sean Tyla, and former Help Yourself bass player Ken Whaley.  Whaley's tour of duty was brief as he was quickly replaced by Nick Garvey.  


left to right: 

Nick Garvey - Martin Belmont - Sean Tyla (kneeling) - Tm Roper


Signed by RCA Victor, the group made their debut with the 1973 single 'Coast To Coast' b/w 'Bring Back That Packard Car' (RCA catalog number 2438).  A reflection of their touring experiences the single wasn't a hit, but attracted considerable media attention, including the BBC' John Peel who became an early champion.  Encouraged by the critical reception RCA financed an LP -  1974's cleverly-titled "Ducks Deluxe".  Produced by Dave Bloxham the album was quite different from popular audience tastes that at the time ran towards glam, metal, and progressive genres.  Having absolutely no interest in those genres, tracks like 'Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite', 'Coast To Coast' and '' found The Ducks unleashed a blazing set of roots rock on an unsuspecting audience.  With much of the album clearly showing their affection for late-1950s/early 1960s American acts like Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochrane, anyone interested in musical sophistication or cutting edge originality was knocking at the wrong door.  Not that they were trapped in the 1950s.  With Tyla handling lead vocals, 'West Texas Trucking Board' bore more than a passing resemblance to Bob Dylan, while 'Fireball' proved the band could do a credible Lou Reed imitation.  The band also showed a knack for penning catchy pop material.  'Hearts On the Sleeve'' and 'Please, Please, Please' could easily have been top-40 hits.  That surprising versatility was due in part to the fact all four members wrote material and the band was also blessed with three decent singers - each exhibiting a different style and set of strengths.  Garvey had the most commercial and likeable voice.  Tyla's rough hewn voice fell in the middle, with Belmont having the least range.  In the UK RCA tapped the LP for two more singles:


- 'Please, Please, Please' b/w 'Please, Please, Please' (RCA catalog number DJH0-0297)

- 'Fireball' b/w 'Saratoga Suzie' (RCA catalog number LPBO 5019)


In spite of positive reviews from music critics and an opening slot on a Lou Reed tour the LP didn't sell.


"Ducks Deluxe" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite   (Martin Belmont - Nick Garvey) - 2:40
3.) Daddy Put The Bomp   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 4:21

3.) Hearts On The Sleeve   (Martin Belmont) - 2:50
4.) West Texas Trucking Board   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 3:40
5.) Fireball   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 3:45
Please, Please, Please   (Nick Garvey) - 3:50


(side 2)
Coast To Coast   (Nick Garvey) - 3:10
2.) It's All Over Now   (Bobby Womack) - 3:05

3.) Nervous Breakdown   (Roccuzzo) - 2:55
5.) Falling for That Woman  (Sean Tyla) - 5:26
Too Hot To Handle   (Sean Tyla) - 3:48





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite

Company: RCA Victor

Catalog: AFL1-3025

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG / VG

Comments: promo stamp on back cover

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 5491

Price: $10.00


Leave it up to an American marketing department to promote an LP by a band that had called it quits three years earlier.  


Apparently motivated by the post-Ducks successes various members were enjoying and the publics' growing interest in new wave acts, in 1978 RCA Victor raided it's corporate vaults in order to release "Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight".  A 14 track posthumous compilation, the set served a pretty decent overview of the band's three year recording career.   In addition to their better known songs from the three studio sets (there weren't any in the States), the collection offered up a pair of 'B' sides in 'Saratoga Suzie' and Two Time Twister''.  In case anyone cared, by my count there were six tracks from the debut "Ducks Deluxe", three from "Taxi To the Terminal Zone", and three from "All Too Much".


"Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Coast To Coast   (Nick Garvey) - 3:12
2.) Fireball   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 3:45
3.) Saratoga Suzie   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 2:33
4.) Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite   (Martin Belmont - Nick Garvey) - 2:38
5.) Daddy Put The Bomp   (Sean Tyla - Ducks) - 4:440
6.) Please, Please, Please   (Nick Garvey) - 3:48
7.) It's All Over Now   (Bobby Womack) - 3:05

(side 2)
Love's Melody   (Andy McMasters) - 3:31
2.) Two Time Twister   (Sean Tyla) - 4:25
3.) I Fought The Law   (Curtis) - 2:25
4.) Paris 9   (Sean Tyla) - 3:05
5.) My My Music   (Nick Garvey) - 3:08
6.) Something's Going On   (Martin Belmont) - 3:00
7.) Here Comes The Night   (Bert Berns) - 2:53



The good news for Ducks fans was that there was a semi-reunion in October 2007.  Original members Martin Belmont and Sean Tyla were rounded out by drummer Billy Rankin (who'd been a late inning replacement for Tim Roper who sadly died of alcohol-related issues in 2003) and bass player Mickey Groome who'd replaced Nick Garvey.  The reunion was intended as a one-shot deal to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary, but they four have continued their reunion with occasional tours.  They also have a website at:




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