Eyes, The

Band members               Related acts

- Barry Allchin - bass guitar (1964-67)

- Brian Cocoran - drums (1964-67)
- Phil Heatley - guitar (1964-67)

- Chris Lovegrove - lead guitar (1964-67)

- Terry Nolder - vocals (1964-67)

- Steve Valentine - rhythm guitar (1967)



- Andromeda (Terry Nolder)

- Entire Sioux Nation (Terry Nolder)

- The Pupils





Genre: rock

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Title:  The Arrival of the Eyes

Company: Essex

Catalog: 1014 LP

Year: 19

Country/State: Ealing, London UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: includes the original insert

Available: 1

GEMM catalog ID: 4744

Price: $25.00

Cost: $66.00


Here's one of the more pleasant Mod findings I've stumbled across this year ...  I'd heard their Beatles cover years ago, but none of their earlier material.  I still can't believe I found this one in a pile of religious oriented records at a yard sale.


Bassist Barry Allchin, drummer Brian Corcoran, rhythm guitarist Phil Heatley and lead guitarist Chris Lovegrove started out as an Ealing London-based instrumental outfit known as The Renegades.  Adding singer Terry Nolder to the lineup they began playing as Gerry Hart and The Hartbeats and in 1964 opted to switch their name to the more contemporary moniker The Eyes.  Clearly influenced by The Who, they may not have been the most original band around, but with a stage show that included sound effect tapes, ear crushing decibels and soccer shirt uniforms that featured 'eyes' with their pictures on them (check out the album's back cover) they wasted no time jumping headlong into the Mod scene


The group's first professional break came in 1965 when they recorded a four track demo at London's Rayrik Studios.  The demo helped the group score a contract with Mercury which was willing to overlook their somewhat geeky imagine in order to try to capitalize on their surprisingly impressive mod sound.


The band's 1965 debut 'When the Night Falls' b/w 'I'm Rowed Our' (Mercury catalog number MF-881) was a stunning example of Mod-styled energy which was unfortunately rewarded with instant obscurity.  A 1966 follow-up 'The Immediate Pleasure' b/w 'My Degeneration' (Mercury catalog number MF-897) was just as good, but met with the same public indifference.  Mercury reluctantly financed a third single, but apparently insisted that the band do a cover song.  Musically their cover of The Everly Brothers 'Man with Money' was great.  Paired with another original 'You're Too Much' (Mercury catalog number MF-910) it should have been a major hit.  One more 45 ('Good Day Sunshine' b/w 'Please Don't Cry' (Mercury catalog number MF-934) and the band were history.  


Released by the UK-based Essex label,  1984's "The Eyes Have Arrived" is an excellent retrospective.  Pulling together 14 tracks, the set includes all four singles ('A' and 'B' sides) as well as their four original Rayrik Studio demos and various other odds and ends.  All seven side one tracks are classics that in many cases revival anything released by such contemporaries as The Small Faces or The Who.  Great melodies, angst-filled vocals from Nolder (check out the uber snotty 'You're Too Much') and some first rate guitar from Lovegrove ...  simply awesome.  Highlights are hard to pick, but I'd lean to their tongue-in-cheek slap at The Who ('My Degeneration') and stunning rocker 'You're Too Much'.   My best advice - buy a copy of this album !!!

"The Eyes Have Arrived" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) When the Night Falls  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

2.) I'm Rowed Out  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

3.) The Immediate Pleasure  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

4.) My Degeneration  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

5.) Man with Money

6.) You're Too Much

7.) Please Don't Cry


(side 2)
1.) Good Day Sunshine   (John Lennon - Paul McCartney) - 

2.) When the Night Falls (demo 1)  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

3.) I'm Rowed Out (demo)  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 

4.) The Immediate Pleasure (demo)

5.) Radio London (promo)

6.) Shaking All Over

7.) When the Night Falls (demo 2)  (Terry Nolder - Barry Alchin) 


I've never seen or heard it, but the band apparently recorded an album under the name 'The Pupils'.  I've read that it's a quickie Rolling Stones 'tribute' album.  Love to track it down.


My Degeneration'.


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