The Guild

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  line up 1 (1977-80)

- Terri Cochran -- vocals

- Daryl Redeker (aka Renee Redeker-Tackett) -- guitar, percussion

- Renee Redeker -- vocals, guitar, dulcimer

- Tom Anderson -- keyboards, steel guitar




- The Minstrel String Guild

- Redeker






Genre: pop

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Musik

Company: KM Records

Catalog: KM 4182

Country/State: Spokane, Washington

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 886

Price: $75.00


As members of the Spokane, Washington-based The Minstrel String Guild, brother and sister Daryl and Renee Redeker recorded a pair of self-financed mid-'70s albums (1976's "The Nightbirds Are Screaming" and 1977's "Music Swims Back To Me").   Outside of their native Washington, the albums did little and by late 1977 they'd shortened the band name down to The Guild, making their debut with the album "Susurus" on their own KM label.



Produced by Steven Myers (thanks for the correction) and recorded at Eastern Washington University, The Guild's second album "Musik" came out in 1980.  With Daryl and Renee again sharing writing duties, the album was hard to accurately describe.   The predominant thrust remained folk, but unexpectedly commercial pop and rock touches were scattered throughout the sixteen (!) tracks.  I  won't attempt to sell  it as a lost classic, 'cause it wasn't.  Exemplified by compositions like 'Do Rite' and 'River', way too many of the sixteen tracks came off as pedestrian singer/songwriter material with little to recommend.   Still, the album had a couple of things going for it.  At the top of the list were Daryl and Renee's  voices.   On their own the pair were pretty good with Renee occasionally sounding like a young Joni Mitchell, but when they blend their voices together, they had a special sound that only siblings seemed capable of achieving.  Their goofy adaptation of e.e. cummings 'Jimmy's Got a Gun', 'Glory Halil', and 'Dry Falls' were examples of those exquisite harmonies.  Elsewhere the album attracted some attention from collectors when it appeared in Hans Pokora's book 3001 Record Collector Dreams.  As much as I love the Pokora books, I'd argue this one's a good example of the flaws in those books, which scarcity seemingly outweighing quality as a basis for being selected for his books.


"Musik" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) You Walked Into My Life   (Daryl Redeker) - 3:02   rating: *** stars

Starting out with Daryl on acoustic guitar, 'You Walked Into My Life' initially sounded like something you might hear on a Saturday evening at your local corner bar.   But ...   if you gave it a chance Renee's voice kicked the performance up a notch and when the rest of the band kicked in, this one turned into a surprisingly enjoyable rocker.

2.) I Find Myself  (Daryl Redeker - Renee Redeker) - 2:25  rating: **** stars 

'I Find Myself' followed the same pattern; initially coming off as a slice of acoustic singer/songwriter angst, but the addition of Renee's voice and some killer electric guitar made all the difference.  Shame they didn't toughen up the arrangement even more.  One of the album highlights ... 

3.) Blue Light  (Renee Redeker) - 2:53   rating: *** stars

Showcasing Renee's pretty voice, 'Blue Light' was a pretty, slightly jazz-tinged ballad. 

4.) Jimmy's Got a Gun   (e.e. cummings - Daryl Redeker) - 3:02  rating: **** stars 

Um, probably the album's strangest offering, the jittery 'Jimmy's Got a Gun' was based on an e.e. cummings poem.   Surprisingly funky for an acoustic number and also kind of cool for showing the neat way the siblings voices blended together.  

5.) Glory Halil  (Daryl Redeker - Renee Redeker) - 3:03   rating: *** stars

'Glory Halil' (not sure why it wasn't entitled 'Glory Hallelujah' was a conventional folk number, underscoring some lovely harmony vocals. 

6.) Dry Falls    (Terri Cochran) - 2:54   rating: **** stars 

With a more electric arrangement, 'Dry Falls' could have garnered the band some radio airplay.   Another track that showcased their wonderfully blended voices (with additional support from Terri Cochran). 

7.) Do Rite  (Daryl Redeker) - 3:07

Some nice acoustic guitar, but otherwise 'Do Rite' was a bland and forgettable singer/songwriter number ...   rating; ** stars

8.) River  (Renee Redeker) - 4:14

Renee added a bit of jazz to the mix, but that failed to save the glacially paced ballad 'River'.  Bad Joni Mitchell comes to mind, though the song incorporated one of the album's best electric guitar solos.  rating: ** stars


(side 2)
1.)  A Hand To Lead Me
  (Renee Redeker) - 3:33   rating: *** stars

Hum, the Redekers channeling Karen Carpenter ...   Commercial (nice harmonies), but not really anything I enjoyed.   

2.) Angie  (Daryl Redeker) - 3:07   rating: *** stars

Daryl channeling Buddy Holly ?   Not bad as far as these things go, with a nice electric guitar lead.  

3.) Love Keeps Coming  (Daryl Redeker) - 2:37   rating: *** stars

Sweet country-tinged folk number with some nice pedal steel courtesy of Tom Anderson.  

4.) Sick Judgment  (Renee Redeker) - 3:59   rating: **** stars 

Surrounded by some first rate fuzz guitar work, 'Sick Judgment' was a full tilt rocker that made you wonder why they didn't incorporate more of this stuff in their repertoire.   Renee's voice was more than a match for the song's rock edge.   One of the best things on the album (and across their entire catalog).  

5.) The Boxer Hits Harder  (Daryl Redeker) - 2:17   rating: *** stars

Daryl accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, 'The Boxer Hits Harder' was a sensitive singer/songwriter effort with a lyric that probably sent English majors into fits of ecstasy.  Reminds me of a Donovan song.    

6.) The Private World of Smiles  (Daryl Redeker) - 3:05   rating: *** stars

At first I wasn't sure if Daryl was having a fit, or something.   Luckily he seemed okay with 'The Private World of Smiles' sounding like a demo for what could have been a killer rock tune.   Nice electric guitar in the background gave the tune a nifty funky edge.  Shame it wasn't give a full rock arrangement. 

7.) After My Love  (Daryl Redeker) - 3:00   rating: ** stars

Liked the electric guitar, but the rest of the song was simply dull.

8.) Wish I Could  (Daryl Redeker) - 2:56   rating: *** stars

Renee takes a shot at being a torch singer.   Not a genre I know much about, let alone enjoy very much, though her voice was well suited to the style.  



The Redekers also recorded a couple of '80s albums under their surname.  They still perform throughout the Northwest and have recorded additional material.


Daryl has a small website at:




Hi, I happened across your notes on an album called Musik byThe Guild (daryl and Renee Redeker) , released in 1980.  The correction I'd like to make is regarding the producer.  You have it as Frank Stearns, who was the guy who recorded this in the lab.  I was actually the producer, as shown on the back of the album (Steven Myers).  I had the good fortune to hang out with them for a while back then before I moved to Portland and they moved to Seattle.  Anyway, if you would make that correction, I'd appreciate it very much.  


Steven Myers August 2020