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Genre: bubblegum pop[

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  The Original Hot Wheels Sound Track

Company: Forward

Catalog: ST-F-1023

Country/State: US

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

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Price: $50.00


Technically I guess you could credit this as a Mike Curb release given he wrote all of the material and produced eight of the ten selections.  Michael Lloyd was responsible for the two other tracks.  With Mattel's Hot Wheels proving a massive marketing success, the company went to work with a wide array of supporting endeavors including a 1969 animated television show on ABC - "Hot Wheels".  Naturally the television show was then accompanied by a soundtrack. 


While I owned more than my share of Hot Wheels cars, I have to admit I was unaware there was a Saturday morning cartoon series dedicated to the toy.  The show ran forr three years (1969 - 1971) with 36 episodes aired.  I actually found a couple of on-line episodes:    HOT WHEELS: The Desert Race Cartoon 1969 - YouTube   The plotline centered on the antics of high schooler Jack "Rabbit" Wheeler (voiced by Bob Arbogast) and his friends who were members of the Hot Wheels Racing Club.  Wheeler and his friends  followed all of the rules of the road, whereas Dexter's Demons (voiced by the late Casey Kasem) and numerous other foes don't.  The Wheeler character reappeared in the Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Video Game.  True, the fawning liner notes may be a little over the top, but they capture the album's overall feel:  "This exciting album contains all of the original sound track music from HOT WHEELS- the high adventure show on ABC-TV's Super Saturday Club. This thrilling weekly cartoon series features a group of young drivers who have formed a "hot wheels" auto club. Their activities cover all aspects of this fast road sport...cross country, track and dunes, and the music reflects their love of high speed action. HOT WHEELS is an up-to-the minute show and the music from the sound track is as turned on and tuned-in as today's high performance cars. Mike Curb. who wrote the music for the show, puts it all into high gear on this fast moving album!"  



If your expectations were in the right place - think music as product, rather than art, then "The Original Hot Wheels Sound Track" wasn't without its charms.  The two Michael Lloyd penned and performed tunes provided the album highlights.  The opener 'It's Magic' and 'Come Back Baby' both offered up classic slices of late-'60s bubblegum pop. Reportedly featuring backing from Davie Allen and the Arrows, exemplified by the title track 'Hot Wheels', 'Millie La Rue' and 'Dance Little Girl', the eight Curb numbers weren't quite as impressive, sounding more canned and production line in terms of quality.  Still, tracks like the bouncy 'Dance Little Girl' (released as a Mike Curb single) and 'Where The Nicest People Meet' were harmless fun.


"The Original Hit Wheels Sound Track" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) It's Magic (Michael Lloyd) - 2:15  rating: **** stars

One of two tracks produced by Michall Lloyd, 'It's Magic' offered up a nice slice of bubblegum pop.  Anyone into The Archies, or The Catanooga Cats was liable to take a liking to this one.  Would have made a nice single.

2.) Sky Hawks (Mike Curb) - 2:05 rating: *** stars

It was commercial and catchy, but in comparison to the opener 'Sky Hawk' came off as a bit too middle-of-the-road.  Technically you had to wonder why the song was included on the album since the track was the theme to another ABC animated series  - "Skyhawks".  The link was apparently Mattel Toys which sponsored the show. 

3.) Millie La Rue (Mike Curb) - 2:22  rating: *** stars

'Millie La Rue' found the album returning to a bubblegum sound; albeit with a surf/hot rod flavor.  Great refrain; groovy guys.

4.) Jack Rabbit Special (Mike Curb)- 2:10 

5.) Mothers (Mike Curb) - 2:40 rating: ** stars

A heavily orchestrated, MOR-ish pop-ballad, 'Mothers' sounded like something The Spiral Staircase might have recorded. Not hard to imagine thousands of pre-teens trying to get on mom's good side by spinning this one.


(side 2)
Hot Wheels (Mike Curb) - 2:10   rating: *** stars

Geez, if you ever wondered if you could write a song, then this might be a good source of inspiration.  Essentially this was nothing more than the title repeated time after time with a couple of race track names (Daytona, Bonneville, Darlington, Watkins Glen) and some racing sound effects thrown in the mix.  Yea, you could write something as good.  Warning the refrain will not leave your head.

2.) Come Back Baby (Mike Curb) - 1:55   rating: **** stars

The second Michael Lloyd tune, 'Come Back Baby' offered up a sickly sweet slice of bubblegum. Breezy and bubbly, it was another track that was perfects for AM radio. Shame it was so short.

3.) Dance Little Girl (Harley Hatcher) - 2:00    rating: *** stars

Mindless slice of bubblegum that could have easily been used for a commercial selling a doll.  This one was interesting from a marketing perspective given it was released as a Mike Curb single:





- 1969's 'Dance Little Girl' b/w 'When Somebody Cares for You' (Sidewalk catalog number S-111)






4.) Where The Nicest People Meet (Mike Curb) - 1:50    rating: *** stars

Sickly sweet bubblegum in an Archies fashion ...  in fact the organ-powered track and uplifting vocals would not have sounded out of place on "Meet the Archies".

5.) Words And Music (Mike Curb) - 2:30 rating: ** stars

A heavily orchestrated pop-ballad, 'Words and Music' had the same busy arrangement and feel as 'Mothers'.  Not a good thing as far as I was concerned.