Band members                             Related acts

  line up 1 (1970-71)

- Cal Baychelor -- vocals, guitar, keyboards

- John Lodge -- bass

- Tim Renwick -- lead guitar, banjo, recorder, backing vocals

- John Willie Wilson -- drums, percussion


  line up 2 (1971-73)

- Cal Baychelor -- vocals, guitar, keyboards

NEW - Bruce Thomas -- bass, harmonica (replaced John Lodge)

- Tim Renwick -- lead guitar, banjo, recorder, backing vocals

- John Willie Wilson -- drums, percussion





- 747 (Cal Baychelor)

- The Attractions (Bruce Thomas)

- Cochise (Bruce Thomas and Wille Wilson)

- Elvis Costello (Bruce Thomas)

- Junior's Eyes (Cal Baychelor, John Lodge and Tim Renwick)

- Kicks (Cal Baychelor)

- Lazy Racer (Tim Renwick)

- Moonrider (Bruce Thomas)

- Tim Renwick (solo efforts)

- Sutherland Brothers and Quiver (Tim Renwick, Bruce Thomas and

  John Wilson)

- Bridget St. John (Bruce Thomas and Tim Renwick)

- Village (Bruce Thomas)





Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Gone In the Morning

Company: Warner Brothers

Catalog: BS 2630

Country/State: London, UK/Canada

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: cut lower right corner; promo copy with insert

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 2096

Price: $25.00


Another talented also-ran ...  Singer/guitarist Cal Baychelor. bassist John Lodge and guitarist Tim Renwick had been members of Junior's Eyes.  After recording one album, the band broke up with Lodge and Renwick forming Quiver with Canadian singer/guitarist Cal Baychelor and drummer John Willie Wilson.   Lodge was quickly replaced by former Cochise bassist Bruce Thomas.  Thomas had previously played with Renwick in Bridget St. John's backing band.


The band's second release, 1972's "Gone In the Morning" found them working with producer Chris Thomas.  As on the debut, Baychelor was responsible for the majority of material, though Renwick contributed a couple of songs and there were two group compositions.  The sophomore album offered up an odd mixture of country-rock and West Coast-influenced rock and roll - made even stranger by the fact these guys were based in London.  To get the mundane out of the way, the album had a stronger country-rock influence than the debut, but it was largely balanced by the band's pop and rock influences.  In fact there were only two outright disappointments on the album - the throwaway country party tune 'I Might Stumble' and the instrumental 'Fung-Kee Laundry'.    Quiver were far more impressive when focusing on more conventional  pop and rock tunes with the album highlight coming in the form of the nine minutes plus title track.   Sounding like something off of a Quicksilver Messenger Service album (though with a strong melody), the tune showcased the band's jamming skills and was apparently a harbinger of what their live performances were like.   Almost as good were the martial ballad' I Know You So Well' and the closer 'Don't Let Go' which sounded a bit like their forthcoming work with The Sutherland Brothers.


Sadly the sophomore album vanished just as quickly as the debut and within a year.  Most of the members hung together long enough to support Al Stewart on his 1972 album "Orange".  Later in the year Renwick, Thomas and Wilson joined Ian and Gavin Sutherland in The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver. 


"Gone In the Morning" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Dorset   (Cal Baychelor) - 3:01

Powered by some nice twin lead guitar, 'Dorset' was a tasty little country-rocker that put the emphasis on rock.  The tune also served to demonstrate how commercial Baychelor's voice was.   rating: *** stars 
2.) I Know You So Well
  (Cal Baychelor) - 3:03

Ah, the pain of love ...   The lyric may have been a bit on the lame side, but the martial melody was a treat to hear and Renwick demonstrated his craft with a beautiful little guitar solo..  Always loved the cheesy synthesizers touches.   rating: **** stars
3.) Green Tree   (Tim Renwick) - 2:24

Pretty, pastoral acoustic ballad with a vaguely folkie ballad ...  One of the earliest anti-nuclear lyrics I've ever heard, though I doubt Renwick gave up the conveniences of modern life he was singing about.  Renwick featured on vocals and recorder ...   Interesting choice for a UK single:

- 1972's 'Green Tree' b/w 'When I Stumble' (Warner Brothers catalog number K 16165)   rating: *** stars
4.) Love/No Boundaries
  (Cal Baychelor) - 3:37

One of my favorite tracks, 'Love/No Boundaries' had a catchy, elaborate melody and one of Baychelro's best vocals.    rating: **** stars
5.) I Might Stumble
  (Cal Baychelor) - 3:30

The first disappointment, 'I Might Stumble' found the band taking a stab at routine country.   Renwick's solos on telecaster and banjo were the only things the tune had going for it.  rating: ** stars

(side 2)

1.) Gone In The Morning   (Tim Renwick - Cal Baychelor) -9:00

Who would have ever expected a London-based band to have such a cool West Coast vibe?  To my ears parts of 'Gone In the Morning' sounded like a mix of Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Byrds.   And for a track that extended to almost ten minutes, I have to admit I didn't mind the extended jam sections. Bassist Thomas and lead guitarist Renwick were stunning on the tune.    rating: **** stars

2. Fung-Kee Laundry (instrumental)   (Tim Renwick - Cal Baychelor - Willie Wilson - Bruce Thomas) - 0:55

Throwaway country song fragment that was stitched on to the end of 'Gone In the Morning'.   rating: ** stars
3. She's A Lady
  (Cal Baychelor) - 3:05

Bland bluesy ballad.  You've heard this kind of stuff hundreds of times before, but the reggae mid-section was unexpected and mildly interesting.  Nah, it was far from being a great tune, but I like quirky and this was quirky.   rating: *** stars
4. Don't Let Go  (Tim Renwick -
Cal Baychelor - Willie Wilson - Bruce Thomas) - 3:59

Showcasing some of Renwick's most melodic lead guitar, the ballad 'Don't Let Go' served as kind of a precursor of the direction they'd take when combining forces with The Sutherland Brothers.   rating: **** stars