Tucky Buzzard

Band members                             Related acts

  line up 1  (1969-71)

- Dave Brown -- vocals, bass, acoustic guitar

- Paul Francis -- drums, percussion

- Jimmy Henderson -- lead vocals, harp

- Nick Graham -- vocals, keyboards

- Terry Taylor -- lead guitar, slide, rhythm guitar


  line up 2  (1971)

- Dave Brown -- vocals, bass, acoustic guitar

- Jimmy Henderson -- lead vocals, harp

- Nick Graham -- vocals, keyboards

NEW - Chris Johnson -- drums, percussion (replaced Paul Francis)

- Terry Taylor -- lead guitar, slide, rhythm guitar


  supporting musicians (1971)

- Paul Francis -- drums, percussion

- Bobby Keyes -- sax

- Jim Price -- trumpet

- Mick Taylor -- lead guitar





- Czar (Paul Kendrick)

- The End (Dave Brown, Nick Graham, and Terry Taylor)

- Fuzzy Duck (Paul Francis)

- Tony Jackson and the Vibrations

- Paul Kendrick (solo efforts)

- Terry Taylor (solo efforts)

- Tuesday's Children (Paul Kendrick)

- Willy and The Poor Boys (Terry Taylor) 

- Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings (Terry Taylor) 





Genre: rock

Rating: 4 stars ***

Title: Tucky Buzzard

Company: Capitol

Catalog:  ST-787

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: red Capitol label

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 1

Price: $40.00


Following the collapse of The End, in 1969 bassist Dave Brown, drummer Paul Francis, singer Jimmy Henderson, keyboardist Nick Graham, and guitarist Terry Taylor decided to continue their musical collaboration as Tucky Buzzard.   Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman had previous served as a mentor for the group, even producing their 1969 album "Introspection".   He continued that role for Tucky Buzzard, helping the band attract the attention of Capitol Records.   


Produced by Wyman, 1971's "Tucky Buzzard" was recorded amidst the band's first round of personnel turmoil; drummer Francis leaving in the middle of the recording sessions; reappearing as a member of Fuzzy Duck.  He was quickly replaced by Wyman friend Chris Johnston.  Showcasing a largely original set of material, I'll grant you Tucky Buzzard didn't have the most original sound you've ever come across.  Exemplified by their mix of Taylor's bluesy guitar moves and Graham's organ riffs, tracks like 'Time Will Be Your Doctor' and 'Stainless Steel Lady' fit smoothly into the FM vein populated by the likes of Deep Purple, Spooky Tooth, and Uriah Heep.  Interestingly, whatever the set lacked in originality it made up for with enthusiasm.  Henderson had a great hard rock voice, though curiously he's always struck me as sounding like an American singer.  Taylor was an under-recognized guitarist.  Hardly splashy, but his restrained performances were uniformly impressive - check out his slide work on 'Ace of Face' or the closing rocker 'Rolling Cloud'.   That said, the band's unsung hero was drummer Johnson.   Not often I say something like that.


My favorite Tucky Buzzard album.


"Tucky Buzzard" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Time Will Be Your Doctor  (Paul Francis - Nicky Graham - David Leonard Brown) - 3:50   rating; **** stars

'Time Will Be Your Doctor' was one of drummer Francis' contributions prior to his departure for Fuzzy Duck,.  Fuzzy Duck subsequently recorded the song.  Admittedly, to my ears the two versions are not all that  different  - side by side I'd have a hard time distinguishing them.   In a pinch I'd probably go with  the slightly jazzy vibe on this version.  

2.) Stainless Steel Lady   (Nicky Graham - Dave Brown - Jimmy Henderson - Terry Taylor) - 4:28   rating; **** stars

Featuring some sweet group vocals, the rocker 'Stainless Steel Lady' offered up a nice '60s vibe vacillating between conventional hard rock (Graham's organ giving the song sort of a Uriah Heep feel) and a modest progressive flavor.  One of my picks for standout performance.

3.) Sally Shotgun   (Nicky Graham  - David Leonard Brown - Terry Taylor) - 3:06   rating: *** stars

'Sally Shotgun' found the band slowing the tempo down - pretty ballad with a touch of lysergic influence scattered in the arrangement.  Taylor's melodic slide guitar provided the highlight.   

4.) Gu Gu Gu   (Nicky Graham - David Leonard Brown - Terry Taylor) - 3:26   rating; **** stars

With Graham handling lead vocals, 'Gu Gu Gu' was a dreamy rocker paced by some killer Taylor lead fuzz  guitar.  Another track with a distinctive '60s vibe and probably the album's best all around performance ...  the Baroque ending segment was a bit unexpected.  

5.) My Friend   (Paul Francis - Nicky Graham - David Leonard Brown - Terry Taylor) - 3:57   rating; **** stars

Opening with some Graham keyboards, 'My Friend' began with an almost Gospel-ish vibe, before morphing into a far more commercial pop/rock vibe.   Another keeper - the sweet harmony vocals reminded me a touch of something out of The Association's catalog.


(side 2)

1.) Pisces Apple Lady  (Leon Russell) - 2:50   rating; **** stars

The album's only non-original, their cover of Leon Russell's 'Pisces Apple Lady' was probably one of the best Russell covers ever recorded.  Written by Russell in an effort to woo Apple Records secretary Chris O'Dell, the original had kind of a honky tonk feel.  The Tucky Buzzard cover ditched honky tonk for a rock arrangement and was all the better for it.  The song was also tapped as an American promo single:

- 1971's 'Pisces Apple Lady' b/w 'Time Will Be Your Doctor' (Capitol catalog number P 3171)

2.) She's Meat    (Nicky Graham - Dave Brown - Jimmy Henderson - Terry Taylor) - 3:15    rating; *** stars

I had a friend who labeled this one misogynistic without ever hearing the song ...   guess he hasn't been listening to rap lately.   Decent enough bar band, boogie rocker that was docked a star for the irritating treated effects on Henderson's lead vocals.   On the other hand, I gave it an extra star for the tasty twin lead guitars.

3.) Ace the Face    (Paul Francis - Nicky Graham - Dave Brown - Jimmy Henderson - Terry Taylor) - 3:19    rating; *** stars

'Ace the Face' was another blues-rocker sporting some of the album's best slide guitar.

4.) Whiskey Eyes    (Paul Francis - Nicky Graham - Dave Brown - Jimmy Henderson - Terry Taylor) - 5:50    rating; **** stars

I'll readily admit the title had me thinking this was going to be a plodding blues number.   Wrong, wrong, wrong ...   Opening up with some stark Johnson drum work that expanded to include organ and fuzz guitar moves, 'Whiskey Eyes' had the album's most attractive melody and one of Henderson' best vocal performances.   Haunting ...    

5.) Rolling Cloud  (Jimmy Henderson - Terry Taylor) - 5:17    rating; *** stars

In spite of prominent horns courtesy of Bobby Keyes and Jim Price , the closing rocker 'Rolling Cloud' was one of those tunes you found yourself humming after the album was finished.


Supporting the album the band undertook a heavy touring schedule opening US and European dates for everyone from Deep Purple of Johnny Winter.   Sadly all that work did little to help sales.




Genre: rock

Rating: 3 stars ***

Title:  Allright On the Night

Company: Passport

Catalog:  PPS 97001

Country/State: UK

Grade (cover/record): VG+/VG+

Comments: --

Available: 1

Catalog ID: 1

Price: $



"Allright On the Night" track listing:
(side 1)

1.) Can't Live without It   (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson - Dave Brown) - 3:59

'Can't Live without It' started the album with a full bore, no-frills rock tune.  Powered by Henderson's powerhouse of a voice, the song's slightly boozy edge has always reminded me of a cross between The-Stones meet The Faces.  Having listened to this tune dozens of times, let me tell you that the secret sauce came in the form of Johnson's cataclysmic drums.   Awesome performance.   rating: ***** stars

2.) Fast Bluesy Woman   (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson - Dave Brown - Chris Johnson) - 3:30

The acoustic opening was kind of interesting, but the song abruptly switched over to pedestrian English-guys-trying-to-sound-bluesy.  There was actually a decent riff buried in the song, but it never managed to escape the pedestrian melody and plodding lyrics didn't do much to help the situation.  Terry Taylor's slide solo provided the highpoint.   YouTube has a clip of the band performing the song for a 1972 appearance on German television's Beat Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt94UOT_odw   rating: *** stars

3.) Gold Medallions  (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson) - 3:26

One of the most commercial tunes they ever crafted - glorious melody with Henderson handling the vocals in a rather restrained fashion (well for Tucky Buzzard).  Curiously the US version was edited down by nearly a minute.   The track was tapped as a promo single in the States:

- 1973's 'Gold Medallions' (mono) b/w 'Gold Medallions' (stereo) (Passport catalog PPA 7901) 

4.) All I Want Is Your Love  (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson) - 3:41

Slinky, almost Latin-rock sounding tune that was marred by one thing - Henderson's bizarre and highly irritating vocal.  He was clearly trying to get that effect, but you had to wonder why.   rating: *** stars



(side 2)
1.) Rainbow Rider
  (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson) - 4:24

2) Rudie Movie Star  (Jimmy Henderson) - 4:01  

3.) Pictures  (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson) - 3:31

4.) Last War  (Taylor - Jimmy Henderson) - 5:13




This hard rock outfit was most famous for having been produced by Bill Wyman. Brown, Graham and Taylor had all previously been in The End. One of Tucky Buzzard's finest moments was 'Bo-Bo's Hampton' on Buzzard, which mellows in the middle and ends with some good guitar work. Elsewhere on the same album there's some Southern USA influence on 'Hanging On In There' and some good rock'n'roll with brass arrangements on 'Super Boy Rock'n'Roller 73'.

Tucky Buzzard were a British hard rock band formed in 1969 by three former members of The End.[1] The original lineup was Jimmy Henderson (vocals), Terry Taylor (guitar), David Brown (bass), Paul Francis (drums), and Nick Graham (keyboards). Halfway through recording their debut album, Frances departed from the band and was replaced by Chris Johnson, who recorded the remaining drum parts and was credited on the album sleeve. Tucky Buzzard produced a total of five albums between 1969 and 1973.[2] The band's producer was Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.[3]

Terry Taylor has worked on a number of musical compositions with Bill Wyman and has played with him in a number of his bands, Willy and The Poor Boys, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, since he left The Rolling Stones. In 2006 Tucky Buzzard was featured in an article called Top 6 Classic Rock Bands You Never Knew You Didn't Know written by Dave White.[4]




Studio albums[edit]


  • Time Will Be Your Doctor: Rare Recordings 1971-1972 (Castle/Sanctuary CMEDD1249, 2005)

This was an album compiling the band's first three studio albums.


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Solid latter-day effort in this band's catalog that really needs a few listens to reveal its charms. The very straightforward bluesy rock sound can sound a bit generic on first listen. Best tracks for me were "Gold Medallions", "Rainbow Rider" & "Pictures".
3.00 stars
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Songs higlights:
Gold Medallions
Rudy Movie Star
1.50 stars
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I picked up a near mint copy of this album out of a used bin for a couple of bucks hoping that some of the magic that was so obvious in their earlier incarnation as The End could be found here. I can't even find a smidgen of the subtelties, strong song writing or imaginative arrangements that makes their End catalog such a pleasure. As The End, they recorded their debut with Bill Wyman producing in early 68 only to have it released over a year later when it got hung up in the back and forth between Alan Klein and the Stones. Shame too as 'Introspection' is one of the finest albums from front to back of English psychedelic pop that was released in the 60's. Unfortunately for the band, the age of whimsical, melodic psych music was moving fast into the past and the back to roots-progressive period was fast approaching.

'Introspection' was released finally in 69 and sunk without a trace. The band continued on for awhile, recording several demos and trying to make a go of it as The End. Those late demos were released under the title 'The Last Word' by Tenth Planet about 10 years ago and the material there shows the band naturally growing with the time. All the strengths that were so prevalent on 'Introspection' are still there, tight songs, melodic, hook filled songs and an intangible atmosphere that only the best can get across and they dropped some of the psych touches in the demos. That set is excellent also and is highly recommended too.

Too bad they couldn't make a go of it as The End, instead deciding to become Tucky Buzzard and focus on more blues based no frill rock. Granted, this is the only lp by Tucky Buzzard that I own but this is just bland, straight ahead blues rock. I had hoped that some of that talent that was so prevalent in The End would have come with them into Tucky Buzzard and the type of music that they decided to focus on. Not to be as this is about as bland as this genre gets with nothing to make it stand above than the hundreds of others releasing the same kind of music. From one of the best in a genre to an also ran. Sad. Took me two bucks to learn it too. The End I was always recognize as one of briefest but best at their game. Tucky Buzzard, I'll forget as soon as I'm done with this review. That's about as bad as it get's for me.
3.00 stars
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Once again torn on the Turkey Buzzard. Side two in particular has some great tracks, and this album thankfully skips most of the horns and boogie blues rock. However most of the tracks somehow end up sounding like other outfits like Alice Cooper, The Who, Black Sabbath etc, and there is some tracks I never want to hear again. Still a pretty solid record, and overall much better then the follow up Buzzard!