Based in New York City the Tomorrow label appears to have only released eleven albums, though there may be others.  The known

catalog entries start with TVI-132 and end with TVI-142.  It'd be interesting to know if TVI-130 and TVI-131 exist.  


Regardless, most of the Tomorrow catalog is fairly  rare and hard to locate with a couple of these releases commanding rather high



Like other tax loss outfits, Tomorrow's product was all over the musical spectrum, including pop (Joey Dee), rock (Goliath), and 

soul (The Exciters).  Similarly the quality of material ranges from near-throwaway to quite impressive.


At least part of the Tomorrow catalog is linked to the New York City-based Opal Music which included former New York Rock and 

Roll Ensemble members Clifton Nivison and Martin Fulterman (aka Mark Snow) on its mid-1970s payroll.  Working for Opal,  Nivison 

and Fulterman undertook a broad array of assignments, including writing material for other artists, preparing and recording demos, 

recording tracks under various aliases, and producing material.  Once again frustrated with the lack of recognition, Fulterman quit 

Opal in 1974, relocating to Los Angeles where he found work scoring music for television and film.  Regardless of whether they had 

legal rights to the material, at some point in the mid-1970s Opal management sold the Nivison and Fulterman material held in its 

vaults to the Tomorrow label which released some of the results under the "Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble" LP.  More 

Nivsion and Fulterman material showed up on the "Shawn Elliot" LP. 


Not only was the music suspect, but it turns out that much of the artwork was also purloined from New York-based artist Sonja Eisenberg.  

I actually tracked Ms. Eisenberg down and she was kind enough to tell me about her role with Tomorrow:  


"I didn't know [my work had been used] until someone sent me a few copies.  Never even knew they used it.  A friend of  mine 

once asked me for some transparencies. I gave them to him, at the time probably feeling that they had no value.  Forgot all 

about it until a gentleman sent me a copy of one of the LPs . Don't even know how he knew where to contact me. Just have 

worked almost every day, sometimes 12 hours at a stretch .  No one ever promoted my art and I was too ill to do it. Soooooo -- I

 get oodles of compliments, which do not pay my rent. But, then you are well aware of this in your own life."


By the way, Ms. Eisenberg's work is fascinating.  I'm sure she won't mind it if I provide a link to her website:




Good luck finding copies of Tomorrow releases.


  Recent updates:

- September 17th 2010: added additional information on the Goliath LP 

- December 26 2010: added photo for Hot Ice and link to the review (thanks to Aaron Marsh of Schoolhouse Exchange record store

  for the jpg file)

- June 2012: Added email received from Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble Clif Nivison

- July 2012: added review of The Newborn LP




LP cover Artist   LP Title Label catalog # Year Genre


To see a brief album description and track listing, be sure to click on the 'Artist'  name.  

Newborn, The The Newborn Tomorrow TVI-132 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP $50.00

Goliath Goliath Tomorrow TVI-133 1977 NM cover / NM LP; still in shrink wrap (opened) $100.00

Gibson, Johnny Johnny Gibson Tomorrow TVI 134 1977 NM cover / NM LP; still in shrink wrap $75.00

Dee, Joey Joey Dee Tomorrow TVI 135 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP; s mall cut out hole top right corner, someone wrote '10' in black magic marker on top right corner  $15.00

Hot Ice Hot Ice Tomorrow TVI-136 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP  $150.00

Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble Tomorrow TVI-137 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP  $125.00

Elliott, Shawn Shawn Elliott Tomorrow TVI-138 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP, cut out notch lower edge $100.00

Ed, Tom Tom Ed Tomorrow TVI-139 1977 NM cover / NM LP; still in shrink  $100.00

Michaelo Michaelo Tomorrow TVI 140 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP   $250.00

Exciters, The The Exciters Tomorrow TVI-141 1977 NM cover / NM LP; still in shrink wrap (opened)  $100.00

Maverick Maverick Tomorrow TVI-142 1977 VG+ cover / VG+ LP  $200.00